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Wayne Durgan

Wayne's CD is now available for purchase!

From the liner notes:   "Once upon a time there was a poor blind boy from Southside Richmond, Virginia who learned how to play guitar.  He married and moved to Alexandria, Virginia.   Playing got him through computer school.  He got a day job and continued to perform, but not as much.  His wife decided to arrange some studio time, and this is the result.  Wayne sends thanks and love to everyone who has supported him over the years and admiration and gratitude to all the artists and songwriters who have inspired him."


Wayne Durgan's new CD is entitled "That's That".  It's not only the name of one of his favorite songs on the CD, but it reflects that Wayne did every bit of guitar playing and singing on the album.  With the invaluable partnership of Paul Story, who did all the recording and mastering, Wayne put together a beautiful demonstration of his music.

Wayne has been playing guitar for over 25 years, and although he's been doing computer work recently, music has been a primary focus in his life.  His singing is immediate and personal, much in the way of James Taylor, Willie Nelson, and Louis Armstrong.

The CD is ready for sale! Here's a list of the songs!  Click on the "Listen" button to hear a sample, in Real Audio Format.  (If you need to download RealPlayer, Click Here.  It's free!)

Spirit - Tom Johnston

Here Comes the Sun - George Harrison 
Finishing Touches - Kevin Welch/Gary Morris  Listen to Wayne perform "Finishing Touches"
Dixie Chicken - Lowell George/Martin Fydor Kibbee  Listen to Wayne sing "Dixie Chicken"
L-o-v-e, Love - Stephen Wariner/Lisa S. Miriam
South City Midnight Lady - Patrick Simmons 
That’s That - Hugh Prestwood
Hole Hearted - Nuno Bettencourt/G. Cherone
Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
Under the Double Eagle - Wagner  Listen to Wayne play "Under the Double Eagle"
Lovesick Blues - C. Friend/I. Mills
Still Got the Blues for You - Gary Moore
Lucky Old Sun - Beasley Smith/Gillespie Haven
Love the One You’re With - Stephen Stills   Listen to Wayne perform "Love the One You're With"

Here's what people are saying:

  • Hey, this is Jeffrey Watkins. I bought one last week and I love it. My wife and I cry everytime we hear "Finishing Touches." Thanks a bunch!
  • Wayne, I listened to your CD tonight, and actually, I am listening to it for the 3rd time right now.  It sounds great!  So when is the sequel?  Take care, I hope this opens some doors of oppurtunity for you.  Just don't forget us little people when you make it to the big show.  Keep up the Great Work.  Later,  Kevin Arnold.

If you are interested in buying a copy, send us e-mail and we'll send you details.  The cost is $15, plus $4 to cover mailing.  Also, let us know if you would like to be added to our e-mail list for upcoming gigs (even if you don't want a CD right now!)  We'd love to keep in touch.   Here's the address:  waynedurgan@aol.com.

And thanks so much for your support! 

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