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Every good project

needs some structure. 

Here are guidelines

for the Band Jam:

1.   Demo's may be requested.
2.   Drums, bass amp, and two guitar amps are provided in addition to the PA.   Plan to use them.  It makes things so much simpler than loading in a new batch of stuff. 
3.   Each band is alloted 45 minutes.  There is a 15 minute change-over.   If a band takes longer than 15 minutes, their playing time can be reduced.    Consequently, it is advised that bands be tuned and ready to play before the previous band finishes their set.
4. Use common sense.  Bring good cords, and have your effects pedals and boards set with new batteries before arriving.  Have a set list.  Warm-up prior to arriving.  
5. Bands receive no compensation, just an opportunity to play.
6. Volume must be reasonable for a small venue. 
7. Patently offensive material is not welcome.  
8. The management reserves the right to stop any performance if they feel a band is unsuitable. 
9. Everybody playing needs to be there by 8:30 pm.  Also, support your fellow musicians by planning to stay through the evening. 
10.  Remember, Luna Park is a business, so feel free to enjoy the food and drink and invite as many friends as you can.