The Luna Park Grille
Band Showcase is over!
The last showcase was October 28, 2004.
Our mission was to support new bands
in the DC Metro Area.

Here's the line-up for Oct. 28, 2004

9:00 ish:  Soulbender
10:00 ish:  Minus Wiley
Full-on, Full-out Rock
11:00 ish: Starryville
Original Progressive Melodic Rock with a Great Groove
On October 30, 2004, the Luna Park Grille closed its doors. 
18 years of support of live music in Arlington VA is over.  The Luna Park Band Showcase will have it's last performance on October 28.

The Showcase was held on the last Thursday of every month.  The Luna Park Grille  opened  its stage to new and developing bands who were  dying to get out and show what they could   do. It was  NOT a "battle of the bands" but an opportunity to get out, play, and meet new people.

The last Jam was hosted by Soulbender, three  really nice people who cart their PA and amps and drums and stuff to the restaurant and then share it with the other bands.   (How cool was that?)   Soulbender played the first set, and thrilled the audience with their outstanding renditions of all kinds of  songs, from blues, to country to jazz.   So who are these nice people? 

(Click on their names to see pictures and where they hail from musically.)

Come out and bring all your friends.   Where else can you see three bands in a nice friendly setting with NO COVER?!!

How do you get YOUR  band on stage?

It's easy! Contact Pete Durgan at

Be sure to include a phone number, information about your band, style of music, a link to a website, a demo, blah, blah, woof.   Pete  will be happy to provide you with more details. Please don't contact Luna Park Grille directly.  They'll only tell you to talk with Pete.  No kidding.    For more details, rules and such, click here.

For details about the Luna Park Grille, go to their website.  They have live music every week, great food, a good selection of beer, and one heck of a nice staff.  

Here's the line-up for October 28, 2004
  • Soulbender!
  • 10:00 ish: Minus Wiley
  • 11:00 ish: Starryville - Original progressive melodic rock with a great groove!
The Showcase is no more! 

The Luna Park Grille is Closing.

It's the end of an era.

Here's a list of bands that have played the showcase since November, 2001.  
(The list got so long, it required its own page!)

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