It's me, Pete!Hello!
Welcome to Pete Durgan's photos of Victor Wooten's
Bass Nature Camp in October 2000.   They are thumbnails. 
Just click on them to see in real size.

Regi plays bass.

Vic&Stevebg.jpg (28033 bytes)

Victor and Steve

Raftersbg.jpg (22205 bytes)

Victor in the rafters.  None of us saw him! 

Petefirebg.jpg (27385 bytes)

I was so excited when I made fire, I made Richard take my picture!

Dave.jpg (251763 bytes)

It's Dave the Webmaster. 

3uprightbg.jpg (273236 bytes)

How upright is this!

ant-vic.jpg (27388 bytes)

Anthony & Victor

bassesbg.jpg (297498 bytes)

A whole heap of basses!


Steve & Ceilito play classical bass. 

firebg.jpg (211633 bytes)

The Pears make fire.

Chuckbg.gif (160620 bytes)

Chick Rainey!

chuck2bg.gif (169989 bytes)

More Chuck Rainey.

fleckbg.gif (151963 bytes)

I played with the Flecktones, and get silly just thinking about it!

mainhallbg.jpg (34666 bytes)

The main building

trackingbg.jpg (28190 bytes)

Learning how to track.

martialbg.jpg (32336 bytes)

Martial Arts in the morning.

fullbg.jpg (27427 bytes)

Big love abounded

morefullbg.jpg (28565 bytes)

And then even more

Bass/Nature camp was one of the most formative experiences
I have ever had.   What a wonderful musical and spiritual adventure!
I am grateful for the privilege of being part of it.

Yours in living the wide-angle life,


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