A day to focus on the beauty of
Electric and Acoustic bass


Sunday Afternoon
September 10, 2006
2 to 6 pm at
Bangkok Blues

926 W. Broad St (or Rt. 7 East)
Falls Church, VA, 22046
(703) 534-0095

Why would anyone want to hear a bunch of bass players? 
Why not?  Bass is the foundation of modern popular music.
It deserves to be heard and celebrated! 
We have arranged an afternoon with that purpose in mind:

So what’s the agenda? 
  • Open mic – there will be a sign-up sheet.  The jam will start at 2:30 and run till 5:30
  • Swap meet – bring your stuff to sell, or come with money
  • Let’s all have lunch together and enjoy a bass-centered afternoon!

For details, contact Pete Durgan: pete @ (remove spaces). Or just show up - all are welcome.

Last edited 8/14/06