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Here is a list of links related to this web:

Maria "Pete" Durgan (that's me) and all I do.

  • Music, gigs and whatnot.  Many more links there.
  • NovaZanz - my new band!

Are you here because you got one of my pens?  Here's a picture:

pen.jpg (1967 bytes)

It's just a gift from me to you.  In case it's worn off, the inscription reads:

May every person who uses this pen
Enjoy health, happiness, love without end

So let me know who you are.  I'd love to hear from you. 

My e-mail is pete @ waux.com  (remove spaces)
(I apologize to anyone who has gotten spammed by my email address.  It was hijacked, unfortunately by some lowlife who is using it to sell suspicious products and services.)